Les Delices De Flore K


Balsamic Vinaigrette of Modena (BV) was born from a love story between le Pain d’Epices Cafe, located in Staten Island, New York and the customers of Borough Hall and its surroundings.
At the beginning when le Cafe first opened, we produced a multitude of dressings to accompany our salads. However by the end of the first year we ended up with only one salad dressing. The customers preferred the BV by far
Gradually a request for the dressing was made by those who could not be in Staten Island the week end to buy it. They brought along empty container and bottle to fill up with the BV sauce. From this the idea to manufacture the sauce began.
The BV is the perfect dressing, thanks to the delicate flavor of its ingredients and the balsamic vinegar. It can be used for salad dressing and seasoning.
It will flavorly add to your steamed and grilled vegetables, roasts, grills, marinades and seafood. And on your fried food its YUMMY
With the BV let your culinary creativity take you awayns and fish.And your fries YUMMY.

With the BV let your creativity you take food away.